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My translation to “All Your Base”

October 20, 2008

Original Japanese taken from:

I haven’t seen the Wikipedia translation so this is my own stab at it.
A.D. 2101.
The war has begun.
Captain: Tell me what in the world just happened!
Engineer: It seems that someone has set up explosives.
Operator: Captain! Incoming transmission!
Captain: What?!
Operator: A visual is coming up on the main screen.
Captain: Y- you’re…!
CATS: You all seem very busy, gentlemen.
CATS: Through a collaboration with the Federal Forces, CATS has taken control of all your bases.
CATS: Even your warship will soon be finished.
Captain: It can’t be…!
CATS: I’m very grateful for your cooperation.
CATS: Cherish what’s left of your short lives.
CATS: Hahahahaha…
Operator: Captain…
Captain: Order all ZIG units to take off!
Captain: We have no choice but to place all our faith in them…
Captain: They’re the only hope for our future…
Captain: We’re counting on you, ZIG!!


Rie Tanaka’s Blog on 10/12/08

October 11, 2008

My translation of Rie’s blog on 10/12/08:

Tokyo Game Show:

A big thanks to all the fans who came to the stage for Rune Factory Frontier!

I got a turnip!!!o(*≧□≦)o″
An actual, edible turnip… yep.

At the stage, there was a gaming tournament, and the grand prize was a turnip!
I think I want to make some miso soup with this turnip~☆ミ

If I make some, I wonder if I should upload some pics…


At the Square Enix booth☆

I met all the staff members from Final Fantasy XI.
From left to right: Hiromichi Tanaka, me, Takashi Hasegawa, Rieko Katayama, Arata Hanyuda

Right now I want to play the trial version of FFXI again.
I haven’t done it yet, but I definitely won’t miss this chance☆ミ

I’m going to try my hand at being a Red Mage!
I wonder when I’ll hit level 75…
With a loud “kiai!”, I’m gonna go for it!!
It’s quite the level sink!* Naturally (*^∇^*) .

*I THINK level sink is the equivalent of what we English speakers call a level grind. i.e. You have to do a lot of tedious monster fighting and repetitive battles to really level up. It’s kind of expected for MMORPGs x_x.